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Red Day

Give Where
You Live

Since May of 2009 our entire company – from the U.S. and Canada to our family abroad – sets aside the second Thursday of the month to Renew, Energize, and Donate within the communities we serve.

At the heart of Keller Williams’ culture is our shared commitment to community service. The immeasurable generosity of our team enables us to care for our own as well as our neighbors no matter the magnitude of what is needed.

We’ve poured into our communities in a number of ways, initiating service projects like building new homes from the ground up, gathering and distributing food to those who need it, organizing relief efforts when a natural disaster hits, and even spreading joy and raising funds as only KW can when life takes an unexpected turn. These are just a few of the community activities we’ve carried out in support of those who have poured into us.

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