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We believe every KW associate should have the opportunity to earn a stake in their company’s profits. Putting the agents on the same side of the table as the office owners gives associates ownership and a genuine care of how successful their office can be. Since the inception of Keller Williams profit share, we have shared over $1.2 billion with our associates. This is money that would have gone directly to the owners, but since our agents are the reason we are in business, we felt it was necessary to share these profits.

How does Profit Share work?

The concept is quite simple. You meet people everyday in your business as a real estate agent, right? Eventually you are going to come across someone who is interested in entering the real estate industry just like you or is a seasoned agent with another real estate company.

By simply introducing them to Keller Williams, you have helped the company grow. When these new associates have production (sales) that contribute to the profitability of the office, the owner shares a portion of those profits with you!

The more people you bring to Keller Williams, the more profits you share. The best part is you are vested after 3 years and the profits continue to come in for your lifetime. Profit share is even willable to your heirs! How cool is that??

In other real estate business models, you’re lucky to get a coffee mug with your broker’s logo on it for helping grow their office. That’s the difference. It’s their office, their profits. At Keller Williams, it’s our office, our profits!

To put this in perspective, the top agent with KW receives over $1M a year in passive income from Keller Williams profit share. Not too bad for referring agents to the best real estate company to work for.

Website Layout- Keller Williams Legacies Realty (4).png

How is it calculated?

Keller Williams profit share is a mathematical formula. It only works when there is profit. Without profit, there is no profit share. Gary Keller says,

It’s not a question of ‘Does it work or not?’ If the business is profitable, profit share works.

This is the core part of the interdependent real estate business model of KW. We (the agent & the company) need each other to have success. KW provides the tools, resources, strategies and empowerment. The associate provides the relationship and builds their own real estate business. It’s a true win-win scenario. Here’s a short video on how profit share is calculated.

Real Estate Agent Retirement Plan – Exit Plan For Your Family

The profit sharing system at Keller Williams uses a vesting program where agents who stay with the company for a minimum of three years will continue to see profit share income for the rest of their lives. Then, the agent’s heirs have full rights to that passive income stream for the remainder of their lives. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

It’s a true gift that you can pass onto the next generation. All from simply referring new agents to KW. This program truly embodies the Keller Williams culture by treating all associates as family. It breeds a coming from contribution mentality that gives all associates a vested interest in helping those around them. The agent next to you is seen as an asset, not competition.

Website Layout- Keller Williams Legacies Realty (4).png

Keller Williams Growth Share – Expanding Around The Globe

Keller Williams is continuing to grow around the world. In countries outside North America, KW offers growth share instead of profit share. With the many different laws and regulations in each country, sharing a portion of the office revenue is a better sharing model at this time. 

Keller Williams growth share is where the master franchise owners share a portion of the company’s revenue with associates who help the company grow. KW associates can share profits from both models, profit share and growth share. These two opportunities are powerful wealth-building opportunities that will fund agents lives for as long as they live.

Ready to get your unfair share of profit and growth share? Join Keller Williams today to get started building your passive income stream and create a legacy for your family.

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